Frankie and Swiss Fabric Design Competition

Hello – I am very excited to have entered a competition run by Frankie and Swiss who are a boutique textile company in Melbourne.
Winners receive cash and their designs printed on fabric!

For the fan favourites prize I need the most likes on the facebook picture – I would love if you could click on the below picture and then like the picture in facebook.

Frankie and Swiss Design Competition Joanouk Entry

Frankie and Swiss Design Competition Joanouk Entry

Woodland Showcase Prints 1st September 2014

I finally was able to finish a few prints for the upcoming woodland showcase on Little Raven’s Facebook page. Event Page here

Details for the prints are below: Prints only available at this price during the Showcase September 1st to 7th 2014
Professionally printed on heavy 308gsm German Hahnemuhle Photo Rag paper; it has a fine smooth surface with impressive colour depth.

8X12 inch (20.32X 30.48 cm)
Normally $47 Australian and $65 International

Special showcase price!
5 prints available at this price of each design
$35 Including Australian Postage
$55 Including International Postage

Border is approx 10mm extra around image

Payment Methods accepted
Paypal only – please contact and I will send through an invoice to be paid.

*1 Week processing time from the end of the showcase as these will be made to order.

Sale Month – Overstock and seconds

Join me for sale month over on my facebook page for a sale each week of the month in August.

Starting Wednesday August 6th at 8pm AEST I will upload an album of items for sale. It will only be there for a week and then it will be replaced by the next lot of items for sale.

The reason for the sale is to get rid of overstock and items created for my markets; they don’t appear online and I am discontinuing that type of paper or design. That way I can concentrate on new designs and new paper stock!

August 6th – Glow in the Dark prints
August 13th – First run prints (Incorrect colouring)
August 20th – Glossy prints
August 27th – Surprise!

joanouk august sale

Upcoming online showcase “Woodland” Theme

Wow – I have a lot coming up and I’m very excited to be busy and need a schedule :)

The first thing I have is a facebook showcase Woodland Showcase Extravaganza and I hope to create 5 woodland themed fashion illustrations by September 1st!

I have already finished one tentatively titled “Leaf Lady”
Joanouk Leaf Lady - Woodland Showcase

I am also entering two art shows – Linden Postcard show, in St Kilda Melbourne, where a painting has to be 8×10 inches and the Werribee Rotary Annual Art Show which I was going to enter my second “State of Being” Painting. More on these soon.

I have a week off work soon and I cannot wait to focus on drawing and painting !!

Have you been involved in any showcases or art shows? I would love to hear your thoughts!

Mid Year Review 2014 – How are my goals?

Last year I set out some goals for my business – I thought mid year would be a great time to see how everything is going !

  • 400 likers on facebook. Now likers are one thing but I want people who are genuinely interested in my work.
  • Very happy to be at 490 currently and gaining more interaction with my posts. I have tried a few ‘boost post’ advertising but I didn’t really gain more interaction or likes because of them .
  • Find target market hangouts and connect. Finding a sellers page is great to help with running my store but I need to find where the buyers are!. I need to connect to retailers, blogs or facebook pages and let them know who I am.
  • Still working hard at this; I have had a few great things happen like being featured in the first issue for Winkelen magazine, I am told I have a feature in *Bespoke* Magazine for Spring (How exciting!) I have just created a profile at Gallery 247 for Australian Artists where I can list my original art and have it registered (Very important for collectors and investors) Very handy that I can enter art shows via this website too.
  • 25 Sales on madeit/ Etsy.
  • Not going so well on this front – I had an amazing March selling 2 large prints and another 8×12 but it has been pretty non existent in sales since then.
  • Research and attend different markets to see where my products fit in.
  • After my dismal market in February I decided to take a step back from physical markets and focus on internet advertising. I have one planned for November to hopefully catch the Christmas buyers but that it not confirmed yet. (Fingers Crossed!)
  • Add other product ranges / build portfolio of work
  • This one I am definitely working on; I am pushing myself to create more work and have started on my 26 painting series “State of Being Alphabet” It’s nice to have a solid subject and plan for my work. The only downside is waiting for the oil paint to dry!!
  • Keep improving photos
  • Always !! I am really trying to take as many pictures as I can it different areas / different lights. Also trying to learn about what White balance is best for those situations. By selling prints I really need those colours to be spot on!

Did you make any goals for this year? How are you going? I hope you’re smashing them !

New Oil Painting Series: State of Being Alphabet | A is for anoesis

I am very excited to get this first painting of my new series out in the world!

I wanted to create a series of paintings based on a theme but not to look identical. I want to experiment with colours and textures.

I came up with the idea of one word represented by each letter of the alphabet to portray a feeling or state of mind. I want to find words not normally used everyday but describe how we feel.

A is for ‘anoesis’
n. Consciousness with sensation but without thought.

I would love to hear your feedback in the comments below :)

Feature in The Business Bakery Blog Post – How to Explain You’re Pricey

A lovely feature in Julia’s blog post How to Explain You’re Pricey

The post is explaining visually why handmade items are a bit more expensive that store bought counterparts. For my example it shows how much work goes into a picture and I can share the journey and receive feedback along the way from my fans :)

The Business Bakery Blog post feature - Flowers and Lace Pic

The Business Bakery Blog post feature – Flowers and Lace Pic

Do you explain your processes on your blog/ facebook page? Have you found more engagement because of it?

Cover Art Submission – Bespoke Magazine Spring Edition

Hello !

I’ve been busy creating a cover art submission for Bespoke Magazine!
The Spring Edition theme is “Adornment and Embellishment” and I immediately had a few ideas. It was really invigorating having a deadline and a theme already set for me.
After a few reference photos were saved from Google to my Evernote journal I got to work quickly.

I love peony flowers and love lace so I combined them together!   I drew on some sequins but also decided to glue on real ones in the end too.

Overall I am really happy with the result; the flowers took way longer than I expected and I did find it stressful trying to find time after work to complete it. In the end it took about 2 weeks or around an hour per day to complete.

It definitely kick started my creativity ! I hope it gets on the cover and I hope I can get some out to be available as prints soon :)